University of Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall says he has received an outpouring of  support from his players, assistant coaches and friends following the death of his father.

Mendehall's dad, Paul, died last week at the age of 88 from dementia.   Bronco Mendendhall returned to UVa grounds on Friday before the team's first practice and says he addressed the death of his father with his team.

Mendenhall says his players have helped him in the healing process.

"My healing will come through my team and I love being with them," says Mendenhall.  "They've grown and matured in such a way. To be the recipient of advice and care giving by young people has been humbling. One of our guiding principals of less drama more work, he wasn't much for drama, he just wanted results. I think I've passed it on, put it this way, I'm looking to pass on all those lessons because they help young people grow."

Mendenhall says his dad was his best friend and a mentor to him.   He told reporters Friday that it was a blessing to be with his dad in Utah during the entire month of July to care for him.

"What I'd like people to know is he was the perfect example of not only in faith but in work ethic and character and what I would consider the patriarch in the family, leading and doing all the things that I think are most important."