CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Wildlife Center of Virginia made a stop in Charlottesville to teach children about animals in the state that could also be seen when you step out your door.

The center made a presentation at Fifth Season Gardening on Preston Avenue in efforts to ensure the safety of the wild.

It's a rare occasion to see some of these animals in your backyard, but it could happen. “I brought with me a box turtle, a rat snake and a hawk, a broad wing hawk,” said Raina DeFonza, outreach coordinator at The Wildlife Center of Virginia. “These are all three species that are native to Virginia and may be seen around this area."

Fifth Season Gardening has been hosting a series of activities geared towards educating children.

"We find that engaging kids of anywhere from the age of four to 10, 12-years-old, has just been really great and it kind of gives them the foot in the door to, you know, gardening, the world around them,” said Patrick Metz, Fifth Season Gardening manager.

These animal presentations educate people on what to do if they do encounter a situation with a wild animal.

“The more people know about the wild animals that they might encounter in their own backyards or animals that they might see while they're hiking or just enjoying the outdoors, the better the experience for both the humans and the wildlife," said DeFonza.

DeFonza goes on to say the best part is seeing children smile. “It's always really rewarding to introduce children to wildlife, sometimes it's the first time they've seen that kind of wild animal up close so it's fun to see their responses and their reactions."

The Wildlife Center of Virginia does hundreds of presentations each year. It also offers open house tours of the center and the animal hospital.