CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - As summer wraps up, people are still taking some time to enjoy the simple things. Snow cones, petting zoos, and advice about staying healthy were some of the things offered at a community day in Charlottesville.

Westhaven Community Day has brought people together for more than 2 decades. On Saturday, it brought out kids to have fun, as well as groups to remind everyone that neighbors are there to help each other.

Despite the heat, plenty of kids still came out for the event, open to everyone. “It's hot as like I'm in the underworld like lavas pouring down on me.” said Levi Ikenberry, of Goochland, who attended community day with his family.

Some children came to have fun or learn about staying healthy, while others were in it for free items like snow cones or balloon animals. “I got this giraffe he's amazing. Jack the giraffe!” said Ikenberry.

Other people spent their time at Community Day making sure other people are aware of resources, like the Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) services.

“We’re here to let individuals know about the regional services that we have with ex-offenders who are returning back to the community and to society.” said Gary Spry, the OAR program manager.

Tables set up on the street let people know about health services in the area, and provided reminders and information about the basics of staying healthy.

Solo artists and dance groups performed at the event as well.

Hundreds of people came out not just for the fun, games, and food, but also to remind each other of what they can do together.

“Community Day just lets individuals in the community know that if you are struggling if you are having difficulty due to a criminal history or a criminal past that there is help here to assist you.” said Spry.

School supplies were also handed out at Community Day, to make sure that everyone starts the school year off with what they need to do well in class.