GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A Greene County family will sleep a little easier following the rescue of their beloved four-legged friend. Thanks to the help of some Greene County Sheriff's deputies their playful pup made it out of a scary situation safely.

Tammy Sterling and her family said the Greene County Sheriff's Department went above and beyond to help their one-year-old dachshund get out of a sticky situation. It was a normal Thursday night that turned to anything but for Sterling and her family on their Greene County farm.

"My mom had mentioned that she hadn't seen her dog and she thought he was upstairs she wasn't really worried about it she goes and he wasn't in the house anywhere,” said Sterling.

Their nine-pound dachshund, Finn, had managed to get himself seriously stuck in a deep burn pile on their property.

"I called my mom and she comes down and she says ‘oh, I'm going to call the police’ and I said ‘what are they going to do? Our dog is stuck in a burn pile’,” said Sterling.

Soon three deputies from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office answered the call for help. Digging through the night, it took the group nearly three hours to find the pup.

"Cutting a branch away, trying to get to him, about an hour in they finally could see him which was pretty awesome because up to that point we couldn't even see where he was,” said Sterling.

Sheriff Steve Smith said he wasn't surprised to hear of the heroic rescue. "In Greene County, we get a whole wide variety of calls as I'm sure other sheriff’s offices do, but any call that we get if we can we'll try to help people.”

Smith said his deputies are always prepared to go the extra mile to help someone in need. "Something like this - there’s really no training for. You just get in there and do the best you can.”

Sterling said she will never forget the willingness of the deputies to help out their four-legged family member. "They just really went above and beyond. It was really amazing. They were so helpful they were just funny and they were in high spirits and worked until they got his little butt out.”

Sheriff Smith said no one should ever hesitate to reach out to their department for help - no matter the situation.