CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Virginia football team was in the weight room for its final workout of the summer on Friday morning, and the players were wearing shirts emblazoned with their new mantra.

“I guarantee on the sidelines you’re going to hear believe, believe, believe,” said University of Virginia Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Shawn Griswold.

The Cavaliers were wearing shirts with the word 'Believe' written across the chest at the morning workout.

“We’re all motivated for each other, and I think this 'Believe' shirt says it all," says junior tailback P.K. Kier.  "We believe in each other, we believe in this team. We believe in ourselves. We believe we can accomplish anything.” 

“Every year it’s more ingrained in us," said senior wide receiver Joe Reed.  "We just come in here every day knowing that we can do anything. We wear on our shirts, 'Believe.' Sometimes you can say stuff, but it’s really up to us to believe and really execute what we have written down as our goals.  'The New Standard' is now is just the standard. It’s just a matter of believing what we’re saying, and going out there and executing."

Senior inside linebacker Jordan Mack had the honor of 'Breaking the Rock' on the last day of summer workouts. 

Kier says, “His numbers, his work ethic, his everything. I think he fits the leadership role, and I think he earned everything and he earned to break that rock. We see him do it, we're like, 'I have to match that, or get close to that.'"

“The leadership is what’s really changed for him," says Griswold.  "He’s really come out of, I wouldn’t say ‘shell,’ but he really stepped out, and has been a leader."

The UVa football team goes into its first game against Pittsburgh on August 31.

Kier says, “The excitement that everybody has for each other, it shows that we believe in each other and I think that this summer was big for us."

"It’s been a great summer," says Griswold.  "I know people say that all the time, but there’s something unique about this place. It’s not just UVa, but it’s coach Mendenhall and the program that he’s building, and how he’s built it.  These guys truly love each other, and I know you can see it today it’s not fake. It’s truly authentic, and I know coach uses that word a lot, but it’s really authentic. From the walk-on guy to the scholarship guy to Bryce Perkins and Bryce Hall who have all the accolades, down to the kids here that are paying their own way, and just grinding it our every day. It's really a fun place to be."