ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - People now have a new place to enjoy Mother Nature in Albemarle County.

On Thursday, July 18, community members got a first look at miles of new trails next to Baker-Butler Elementary School.

Funding for these new trails comes from a county-wide effort aimed at making small-scale improvements to some of the county's key development areas.

"It’s just one more way where families and people in the community can meet and greet and have picnics and that kind of thing,” Norman Dill, an Albemarle County supervisor, said.

People in the community got the chance to tour and learn more about the new walking trails on Thursday.

“Pave trails that basically would make this a continuous loop for the public to walk around and basically use for exercise or whatever else they need,” Steven Hoffman, the project manager, said.

The $203,000 project is funded by the Neighborhood Improvements Funding Initiative, which is a one-time program in the county aimed at supporting smaller programs in the county's growth areas.

“It’s great because it came out of the people who live around here,” Dill said. “It wasn't something that we had to do by law of state of Virginia or anything like that, it’s just something people in this area thought was a good idea."

Is takes about 45 minutes to walk the trail in its entirety, and the county says that it makes the best use of the green space near Baker-Butler Elementary School.

Steven Hoffman, the project manager, says the idea came from two Boy Scouts who say having better trail connections will allow more students to walk to school.

“It’s just nice to see that we have a community project here that was built by the community and funded for the community and it’s going to benefit everybody in this area,” Hoffman said.

The trail will be open to the public from dawn until dusk every day.

These trails are one of several other projects in the county's key development areas.