Three Albemarle High School volleyball players, Keira Roach, Maya Winterhoff, and Adalee Lynch, will be playing for an elite team from Virginia that will represent the Old Dominion Region competing in USA Volleyball’s national tournament this week.

"This is such a good opportunity for us to get better and when we come back to school, we will be much closer and help the team grow," says sophomore Maya Winterhoff.

The USA Volleyball tournament is July 18th-22nd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is a chance for players to showcase their talent and compete against extremely high competition. 

"I'm hoping to just be able to be a leader for the team and do well. I played on the team last year. We did really well. We made it to the finals and came in second place overall. I'm hoping we do well this year. I will be playing right side, so I am hoping to be a dominant hitter," says senior Adalee Lynch. 

The ODR team consists of 10 players from all over Virginia. A total of 130 young women tried out. They will be playing against teams from not just all over the country, but all over the world. 

"It's going to be really good competition. Some of the best girls in the state. We're going to see teams from other countries as well. Last year we played a team from Australia," says Lynch.

"For them to compete in tryouts like this and make the team is quite an honor. I'm always proud of my girls. They don't always know it, but I'm always proud of them and their accomplishments," says head coach Mark Ragland.