CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - While suffering from dementia is certainly terrible, being a caregiver for someone with the condition can also be stressful and heartbreaking.

On Tuesday, July 16, a Charlottesville organization had a get-together to lend a helping hand to these selfless people.

Visiting Angels hosted an event called Multiple Faces of Dementia at The Center.

The group taught attendees about the many forms of dementia and how to identify which one your loved one has, along with the importance of how to deal with it.

The different types of dementia include frontotemporal, Lewy body, mixed dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

Candace Schoner, who works with Visiting Angels, encourages caregivers to take time for themselves in order to avoid getting overwhelmed with the demanding responsibilities.

She says there are good days and bad days when dealing with a dementia patient.

“To try to keep people active and engaged so that you can slow down any memory decline, and try to keep to a routine so that they’re happier, and get out and socialize with other people to avoid depression," Schoner said.

She also suggests reminiscing or singing and playing music to soothe and comfort the person.

But though the work can be demanding and tough at times, Schoner also says that going into the caregiving career in Charlottesville, which has a sizeable aging population, is rewarding.