ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Albemarle County schools could soon stray away from letter and number grades.

Right now, grading scales in Albemarle vary from school to school, but many want that to change. Most schools operate on the traditional A through F scale, but a pilot program at Murray High School could become the new standard in the county.

"We know our current system has a lot of flaws," said ACPS Director of Professional Learning Jennifer Sublette. "It's a system that we, our parents, and our students know well...that doesn't mean we can't make improvements."

It's called mastery learning, where students work towards becoming an expert in subjects. It's a style of learning that many teachers say would prepare kids for their next step.

"I think in college, you need to be able to learn on your own and this is working so that students are motivated by learning and not just by letter grades," said Albemarle High School teacher Katie Christy. "You think about college, there's very few grades and if you're just motivated by those grades, you're not actually working to learn."

Rather than getting an A, B, or C, teachers would give feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

"Standards-based grading could be a great change for us so that students are working towards mastery instead of just letter grades so we're assessing students knowledge," Christy said.

On Tuesday, Albemarle will host an open forum for parents to get more information on the potential change and weigh-in their thoughts. It begins at 6:30 p.m. at Jack Jouett Middle School.