CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A nonprofit in Charlottesville is fighting to keep Obamacare and wants to raise awareness about the issue.

On Tuesday, July 9, Virginia Organizing took to the Freedom of Speech Wall on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall where people discussed the legislation's importance.

One woman spoke about her struggle with cancer and how the Affordable Care Act is the reason she's been able to receive treatment.

Dr. Greg Gelburd with Downtown Family Health Care says hundreds of his patients don't have insurance and can't afford their medications.

“These people are kind of invisible, and only practitioners like ourselves or the hospitals or Virginia Organizing really understand that these people are really out there and in need,” Dr. Gelburd said. “And it's a simple thing, you would think, to have health insurance."

The hope is that small demonstrations like this one can bring more awareness to this big issue.