CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville group is raising money through a music celebration for migrant families. Harmonía, a benefit for migrant families, is back again raising money for organizations helping immigrants in the Latinx community.

People of all ages gathered on Sunday at IX Park to listen to live music, eat, drink and support four charitable organizations fighting the immigration crisis at the U.S. border. The second annual Harmonía benefit was put together by four friends using music to affect change for the community.

"It’s hard for anyone who's not in the situation or hasn't had a vantage point to see it. We're hoping to draw awareness and raise money to do what we can on our level in Charlottesville,” said Rachel Gendreau, co-organizer.

Co-organizer Marianna Bell said just because Charlottesville is not near the border doesn't mean migrant families are not suffering in the area. "If you think this doesn't affect you, open your eyes a little wider. The community in Charlottesville and greater central Virginia is full of people who need support who need your help."

Gendreau wants local families to empathize with migrant families. "Why is your family better than this other family? Why do you deserve the luxury of being able to hug your kids at night and know that they are safe and sound in their beds? Another family is going through impossible hardships.” 

"I think that is the biggest problem that people are afraid that their jobs are going to be threatened their safety is going to threatened all these things that they are naturally concerned about are going to be threatened but they aren't really,” said Richard Parks, who attended the event for the first time.

If you want to donate to Harmonía, you can click here.