CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - After a year of work, the board tasked with overseeing the Charlottesville Police Department has finally approved its bylaws.

Monday, July 1, members of the Police Civilian Review Board (CRB) unanimously approved bylaws to present to Charlottesville City Council.

CRB members are recommending the board receive the equivalent of 1% of the police department's budget, which would be around $180,000. The proposal also says of the seven board members one must be from low-income housing, four members from "historically disadvantaged communities," and one member from a social justice organization. Members would also serve a term of three years.

Monday was the final meeting for the current members of the CRB. These proposed bylaws would be to guide board members for years to come. Click here to read the full proposal from the Civilian Review Board [pdf].

“We just need this to continue to go forth, and people to continue to come forward with their complaints,” said CRB member Rosia Parker. “A lot of us members on the CRB we will continue to work in the community."

Right now, there is no set date for councilors to review the proposed bylaws, although it could be discussed during their meeting set for August 5.