CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville's vice-mayor is weighing in on whether or not Thomas Jefferson's birthday should continue being celebrated, ahead of a vote on the controversial issue on Monday, July 1.

Earlier in June, Charlottesville City Council met and discussed whether or not the founding fathers birthday should be recognized, due to his slave-owning past. Vice Mayor Heather Hill told NBC29 a flexible holiday in lieu of Jefferson’s birthday is a priority for her.

“If we’re gonna be looking at moving any of our cities days off I think that a floating holiday that one I think its responsive to our staff and it shows the flexibility, it provides them with the flexibility but it also means that its one less day that the whole city government is shut down,” said Hill.

Council will take a vote on the recognition of Jefferson’s birthday, as well as a liberation and freedom day, at its meeting Monday night.