CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville's Snowing in Space is using its coffee to help raise money for a nonprofit.

The business is making  “Courage” cold brew coffee to support the Women's Initiative, which helps provides mental health services for women regardless of their ability to pay. The name of the new blend is inspired by the women suffering from anxiety, depression and other effects of trauma who courageously reach out for care.

"The way that we think about it is that coffee is this beverage that lifts people up, and so that's how this connection feels. So right to us is that this ‘courage’ cold brew we'll be drinking… we'll be thinking about the incredible women in our community who are dealing with extremely difficult things,” said Women's Initiative Outreach Coordinator Amanda Korman,

From now until the end of summer, 10% of all coffee, beans, and kegs will benefit the nonprofit.