WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - Waynesboro leaders are working to find the most optimal choice as they begin work on phase three of the Greenway project.

Phase three connects the existing path near the YMCA to Ridgeview Park.

Right now, there are five proposed routes and people got to see them up close and provide feedback on Wednesday, June 19.

One route travels 14th Street, three routes meander through the historic Tree Streets neighborhood, and the fifth, which is also the most expensive, travels along the river.

"We want to make sure that this route is safe, it is easy to travel, it is non-convoluted, like a winding path through streets that people will not follow," Marcia Geiger, who lives in Waynesboro, said. "We want it to be direct and simple, because that's what people will follow."

"The most desirable route, the one that people would most want to enjoy is the sort of Greenway that we already have,” Waynesboro Mayor Terry Short said. “And that's the experience we would like to achieve - when you get to this connection at the Y over to Ridgeview Park, that's just not going to be achievable."

You can check out the different routes here.

And if you'd like to weigh in, you can get a survey at City Hall before July 8.