6/14/2019 Release from Charlottesville:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - The City of Charlottesville Office of Economic Development (OED) and the Charlottesville Economic Development Authority (CEDA) are pleased to announce the creation of the Cville Match program. The program seeks to advance commercialization efforts and grow local startups by providing matching funds to recipients of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) and the Commonwealth Research and Commercialization Fund (CRCF) grants.

“Bringing in matching federal and state cash for growing local businesses is totally on mission for CEDA and OED.” said authority chair Tara Boyd. “It’s a great use of the funds that CEDA’s bond activity generates for the city.”

"The Cville Match Program is one of the most exciting new developments coming from the City of Charlottesville that can directly impact both commercialization of new technology innovations and growth within the city,” according to Nikki Hastings executive director of CvilleBioHub. “The match offer will provide a meaningful contribution to many of the companies who will benefit from the program. The program can support and further incentivize the CvilleBioHub network to apply for grants and grow deeper roots in the broader community."

Qualifying city-based companies are eligible to receive a local match once federal/state funds have been approved. Match amounts are up to $25,000 per-company, per-grant, subject to funds availability.

The Cville Match also now incorporates the VJIP Match, a long-standing program of the economic development authority that provides matching funds to city based recipients of the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP). VJIP is administered by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and is designed to help Virginia based traded-sector companies create new jobs in the commonwealth.

More information on the Cville Match program is at https://bit.ly/2Xqtdqv.