CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Two nonprofits in Charlottesville are educating people about a budget amendment that will reinstate suspended driver's licenses for people with unpaid court fines and fees.

The amendment passed by the General Assembly and will impact hundreds of thousands of people.

The Legal Aid Justice Center and The Fountain Fund are both counting down the days and helping people impacted by the driver's licenses suspension law. Both groups say it's important for people to know their licenses status with the courts and DMV before they start driving.

"We want people to be careful and just not assume that they can start driving on July 1st," said LAJC Executive Director Angela Ciolfi. "The second thing that people really need to understand is that this budget amendment relief does not cancel the debt that they may owe to the court."

LAJC says people should make arrangements with the courts to set up a payment plan if they still owe money.

"This will be very impactful," said Client Relations Manager at The Fountain Fund Carl Brown. "It will put some people back to work in terms of not having to look over their shoulder and be stagnated by not having a license."

Both nonprofits say it's important for people to know that this process is only temporary.

"The law is still on the books until the General Assembly repeals it or until the federal courts strike it down and we have indications that a federal court has found that it's likely to be unconstitutional," Ciolfi said.

LAJC says a trial in federal court is set for August which will decide if they represent only five people or the one million people impacted by the law. More information about the licenses reinstatement can be found below.