ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A lost dog in Albemarle County is now bringing a community together.

Brixie the boxer is now back safe at home after she found herself trapped in an embankment near the Rivanna River.

When Brenda Hardman lost Brixie, she put all her effort into finding her. What she didn't expect was to have complete strangers also go all out to search for her beloved best friend.

Brixie got out of Hardman's backyard last week after the latch was left open by a repair man.

Hardman printed out more than 100 signs and fliers with Brixie's photo on them and posted them around the county. She got dozens of calls from people asking where they should search and how they could help.

On Saturday, June 8, two kayakers spotted the dog near the Rivanna River, where she was trapped and covered in ticks and mud.

Above the river, there were other people looking for the dog as well. The strangers then collaborated in order to rescue the pup.

“The searchers came together from opposite ends of the trail - did not know each other, but they were all, they were looking for Brixie," Hardman said. "I had no idea what this would stir up. She has brought together a community."

Hardman and the rescuers now have a new friendship, thanks to Brixie.

Hardman says she's shocked at the number of people who were willing to lend a hand and she says she's thankful for the people in Albemarle County and Charlottesville who helped out in her rescue mission.