CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Plans are moving forward on a proposed housing development in Charlottesville's Belmont neighborhood.

Members of the Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church are attempting to build housing units on the church's property, and they’re now one step closer to achieving this goal.

The church has been raising money for Rachel's Haven for three years, and now, thanks to approval from the Charlottesville Planning Commission, that project is one step closer to a reality.

On Tuesday, June 11, the commission held a public hearing for a recommendation on a rezoning for the church’s property from “single-family residential" to "neighborhood commercial corridor."

The church has received some pushback from neighbors who say that if the property was rezoned and sold in the future, it could make way for more commercial development.

The project would create 15 apartments in an under-utilized part of the church, and four of those units would be specifically for people with intellectual disabilities.

Most people who spoke during the public hearing were in favor of the project, including planners who voted unanimously to approve recommendation for the rezone.

“I am very impressed with the church for listening to the community for the neighborhood and delaying until they could respond to the neighborhood as best as they can,” Jody Lahendro, a Charlottesville planner, said.

The commission also recommended approval for a proposed 10-acre development on Flint Drive, which would create up to 50 homes in the Fry Spring neighborhood.

Both projects need approval from City Council before being final.

Council is expected to review the plans sometime in July.