The Madison County softball team is on the road to state. Head coach Jesse Yowell says the key to winning this thursday against Lebanon is on the mound.

"Pitching of course is always great. you have to have pitching. hitting those spots making sure we can keep those hits down to a minimum," says Yowell.

East Carolina commit and pitcher Logyn Estes has been a huge help in Madison's success this season, however on April 25th of this year, Estes injured her right shoulder on her pitching arm.

"My dad just told me you have to switch roles logan. You have to stop being the person who leads by example and become the person who is the motivator and who is the leader in the dugout," says Estes.

While Estes was recovering, junior pitcher Emily Seale stepped into the circle and filled that leadership role the Mountaineers needed.

"It's big shoes to fill logan is an amazing pitcher she's going to ECU, but it wasn't just me that had to step up. It was the whole team because of course she has a big bat and everyone else just had to work a little bit harder," says Seale.

"They both bring a different style. they both have a lot of speed," says Yowell.

There is a slight chance Estes will pitch in the semifinals. She was cleared by her doctor last week.

"I'm really hoping to be back. I've been pitching all week and I am hoping to give emily a couple innings on thursday," says Estes.

Regardless of the outcome, the Mountaineers are ready to go to battle hand in hand.

"I think they feel as one team. there is no 'I'. It's one team. We have great hitting and great pitching. It's the fact they all have to pull it together," says Yowell.

"We can get states. We can this state championship again, we're capable of it," says Seale,

"We have to find a way to score more runs, be more hype, find a way to put pressure on them." says Estes.