FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Fluvanna County baseball team will be looking to win a state championship for the first time in program history this week.

Fluvanna will take on Brentsville in the VHSL Class 3 semifinals on Thursday.

This game was supposed to be played last week, but was pushed back, due to all the rain.

For the Flucos, the delay was just one more week to hang out with their best friends.

Senior left fielder Andrew Pace says, "We have really good chemistry. We've been together, I've been playing with some of these guys since I was seven. So we have really good chemistry, and they're like brothers to me."

Just like brothers, that sometimes means goofing off in the background of an interview, but the Flucos earned a little fun, with a record of 21-3 this year.

"We're definitely confident in what we have," says Pace.  "We have a lot of great baseball players. We're confident in what we do, and it means a lot."

They'll also know what to expect. Fluvanna was playing on the big stage, and at the big stadium, for the first time in program history last year.

Junior pitcher/first baseman Kevin Ward says, "It's wild down there. The crowd is huge, and very loud. It's a big experience down there, and you just got to get used to it."

Head coach Joel Gray adds, "Oh, our eyes were as big as dinner plates, and it showed. But we've been there now. We're battle-tested, and I hope we're ready."

The Flucos lost in the semifinals last season, and they were working all year for another chance to advance.

Gray says, "The shirt we got them at the beginning of the year had 'Unfinished Business' and a picture of the state, and 136.2 on it, which is the miles to return to Salem. That's been our motto all year long."

"Once we got those shirts in the beginning of the season, everybody knew this is where we wanted to be," says junior shortstop Cameron Shields.  "It's just been a goal since the beginning of the season."

Now that they're back, the Flucos have a chance to make history, again.

Ward says, "It's a big thing for our program, making history, for going to state's for the first time ever (last year). We want to win state's to make it an even bigger experience for our school."

"That would be great," says Shields.  "That would be huge for the school. First-ever for the baseball program, and it's be great for the community, and for the county. I feel like it would bring everyone closer together, and it would just be great for everybody.

Fluvanna and Brentsville are scheduled to square off on Thursday at 6pm at Kiwanis Field in Salem.