GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Some tech lovers in Greene County are now on the front lines of keeping everyone safe.

Members of the Greene County Virginia Amateur Radio Club (GCVARC) are now working with the sheriff’s office to help folks during an emergency.

"We're always telling the citizens to be prepared for storms or whatever may happen, so we're just doing what we're always preaching," Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith said. "We got these guys willing to come in here and donate their free time."

"We set up some amateur radio communications - there's an antenna up on his tower out back,” said GCVARC President Bill Steo. “We also have a computer that's used for packet radio, which you can send an email using the radio waves rather than the internet."

These systems will help authorities stay in contact during any disruption to phone or cellular service. Just in case of an emergency, special signals are designated for the operators to use to still be able to reach others.

"There are frequencies set aside by the FCC for amateur radio, and we would use those frequencies from this location to communicate with the sheriff's vehicles in the field," GCVARC Treasurer Steve Bowman explained.

Greene County Virginia Amateur Radio Club members will be working from home, but will stop by the sheriff’s every week to make sure the equipment is operating properly.