CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - If you're going to be away on June 11, Saturday, June 8, is your last chance to cast your absentee ballot in Charlottesville's Democratic primary.

Voters with a qualifying absentee reason can vote Saturday at the Voter Registration Office at City Hall in downtown Charlottesville.

Sally Hudson and Kathy Galvin, who are vying for the 57th District seat, are on the ballot as well as five City Council hopefuls.

Any registered voter may vote in Tuesday's Democratic primary.

Press Release from Charlottesville General Registrar:

A Democratic Primary will be held in Charlottesville on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. All polling places will be open on Tuesday from 6:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Virginia does not have party registration. Any qualified voter may vote. Voters should go to their regular polling place. Voters may look up their registration and polling place securely online at, or call our office at 434-270-3250.

The last day of in person absentee voting is Saturday, September 8. Voters with a qualifying absentee reason may vote only the voter registration office for the city or county in which they are registered to vote. In the City of Charlottesville, in person absentee voting is conducted in the Voter Registration Office in the City Hall Annex, 120 7th St NE (next to City Hall and The Pavilion). The office will be open on Saturday, June 8 from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. Curbside absentee voting is available for voters who are age 65 or older AND who also have an absentee reason, or for voters who are ill or disabled.

Voters who received their absentee ballot by mail but have not yet voted and returned it are reminded to do so promptly. Mail ballots must be received by the Voter Registration Office by 7:00 PM on Tuesday, June 11 or they cannot be counted. Mail ballots may only be returned by mail or by the voter personally.

In the City of Charlottesville, the ballot for Tuesday’s primary is as follows:

House of Delegates, 57th District:

[Vote for only one]

Sally L. Hudson

Kathleen M. Galvin

Member, City Council

[Vote for not more than three]

Michael K. Payne

  1. F. “Bob” Fenwick, Jr.

Brian R. Pinkston

Sean A. Magill

  1. Lloyd Snook, III

Sample ballots in PDF and text-only format are available for city voters at

The primary’s winners will be the Democratic Party’s nominees for these seats in the November General Election.

Two other candidates were nominated by the Democratic Party for the November election by filing unopposed for the primary.

Senate of Virginia, 25th District

  1. Creigh Deeds

Clerk of Court

Llezelle A. Dugger

Independent candidates for any office must file all required paperwork and voter petitions by 7:00 PM on the day of the primary, Tuesday, June 11. Candidacy filing requirements and forms can be found at

Candidates for School Board and for the Soil and Water Conservation District Director must file as Independents. Parties cannot nominate for those positions. For the other offices, a political party which is not nominating for an office by primary may make nominations by 7:00 PM on June 11. Under the definitions in Virginia Law, only the Democratic and Republican Parties currently qualify as “political parties” with the ability to nominate candidates. At this time, the Republican Party has not notified the Registrar of any nominations.

As of June 7, the following Independent candidates have qualified for the November general election ballot in the City of Charlottesville. Their names will join those of the party nominees.

Member, City Council (3 seats):

John Edward Hall

Paul Edward Long

Member, School Board (4 seats):

James Edward Bryant

Sherry P. Kraft

Lashundra L. Bryson Morsberger

Jennifer L. McKeever

Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Thomas Jefferson District (2 seats):

Joseph W. Thompson

The following candidates have started the filing process but have not yet qualified for the ballot.

Member, City Council

Bellamy W. Brown

Member, School Board

Chris W. Meyer

John L. Santoski