ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Albemarle County's School Board is getting a better handle on how to ensure equity across the division. Members are also looking at closing opportunity gaps as they examine strategic planning.

At the school board retreat on Friday, members got an update of exactly how equitable schools are, and what the achievement gaps for students look like. The new equity report shows that students of color are "under represented in nearly every program for enrichment and acceleration" according to the new equity report.

That report also said that just 1% of African American students and 5% of economically disadvantaged students were enrolled in the Math, Engineering & Science Academy at Albemarle High. School board members said that needs to change.

“We've been really focused on how we can do a better job closing equity gaps not only in achievement but also in discipline and identification of kids as gifted,” said Kate Acuff, Jack Jouett District.

“I think we need to be really bold and push ourselves because I think it could make a really big difference in our students’ lives if we focus on where we're not doing well and strive to get better,” said Katrina Callsen, Rio District.

To make that difference, school board members set goals on Friday to identify five practices that perpetuate that achievement gap by the end of December. Before that goal, staff members of Albemarle County schools, including Superintendent Matt Haas will evaluate the new equity dashboard, which is available online, and present new target achievement goals to the school board.