ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A protest is taking shape in Albemarle County as a philanthropist with property next to Trump Winery is raising funds to hoist a Mexican-themed flag for all to see.

John Kluge Junior wants a "bandera monumental" on his land, and has a GoFundMe page set up to take in donations.

President Donald Trump has threatened to increase tariffs against Mexico unless it decreases the number of Central American migrants arriving at the U.S. border.

Kluge says the tariffs would hurt consumers and producers after years of partnership.

Trump purchased the Kluge Estate and Vineyard in Albemarle County for roughly $6 million back in 2011. His son, Eric Trump, is reported to be in charge of the business.

John Kluge Jr. still owns seven acres of land inherited from his father behind Trump Winery barn and offices on Ellerslie Drive.

He believes the Mexican flag would send a message that the United States of America and Mexico stand together.

If we actually want to address root causes of forced migration, we have to invest in countries affected by this, stabilize them, provide people with jobs, opportunities to get an education, and stay where they are, not penalize the people that are actively trying to come up with real solutions," said the philanthropist.

Mexican-American designers and an engineering collective would design the flag. Kluge also plans to have a band at a ceremony when the flag goes up.

Kluge hopes to raise $25,000 for the monument. Any additional extra funds are expected to go toward his Refugee Investment Network.