CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville Police Department has two new additions to the force.

Members of the department say these four-legged crime fighters named Kai and Bono have skills that can help save lives.

“Their nose is just their most powerful tool,” Chris Huber, who’s with the Charlottesville Police Department, said. “They can help take dangerous drugs off the streets; we can also use them to track down dangerous suspects."

The two Belgian Malinois are half-brothers and joined the squad earlier this year.

The four-legged officers have spent the last couple of months training with their handlers Chris Huber and James Tennyson.

“These dogs can track through the woods and find hidden people from an officer’s safety aspect, so if people are armed or whatever we need to do to take them into custody in a safer manner," Tennyson said.

Kai and Bono's addition to the department means that a K-9 unit will now be readily available on every shift.

“It’s just kind of a force multiplier,” Huber said. “Most of the times when a dog arrives on the scene the suspect usually gives up, so it keeps us safe and the citizens safe."

Both handlers agree that while these dogs do have a specific purpose, they do enjoy the occasional toy or pat on the head.

“They're very social dogs - both of them - they'd much rather be pet, but they also know that when they have a job to do they're going to do that job,” Huber said.

“These are dogs just like every other dog,” Tennyson said. “They love, they want to play, but these dogs have a working aspect to them and they want to also work. Their end goal for the day is go home, have fun, and do whatever they need to do to get their toys."

The department currently has another K-9 in training for explosives detection.

Officers say that dog should be done with training sometime in August.