CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville affordable housing community is getting a boost from a group of volunteers pedaling their way across the country.

On Tuesday, volunteers from the nonprofit Bike & Build helped members of Habitat for Humanity build affordable housing units in Charlottesville's Harmony Ridge neighborhood.

"It's really special to be back where I spent the last four years of my life and really getting to see the city more holistically," said Bike & Build volunteer and University of Virginia alumna Victoria Lu. "The opportunity to engage in a really important cause and also to have an adventure riding my bike across the entire country is a pretty fantastic combination."

On Monday, the team also stopped in Mineral to build affordable housing. Bike & Build began their nearly 3,000 mile journey in Yorktown on Wednesday, May 29th.

"It's the first encounter that we have with physically picking up a hammer and working for affordable housing," said Devon Wilson of Bike & Build.

The group's work helps keep costs low for Habitat for Humanity.

"By getting volunteer labor and materials donated, that keeps the cost to build low and affordable for families," said David Schmidt of Habitat for Humanity.

Bike & Build members also volunteered with the Habitat Store and Albemarle Housing Improvement Program.

"It's hard to imagine real people living in this frame of wood that we're hammering windows into," Lu said.

The group heads to Lexington on Wednesday and plans to finish their trip in Portland, Oregon on August 12th.