ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A group from central Virginia is biking hundreds of miles to raise money to bring clean water to people in east Africa.

The Journey of Awesomeness was created in 2015 and brings together dozens of local bicyclists who ride more than 200 miles across the commonwealth to raise money for nonprofits. This year, the group is partnering with WorldServe International to build wells in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Hayes Fountain is one of the riders, and pledged to ride one mile in training for every dollar donated to his fundraising campaign.

"You take for granted having clean water, especially living somewhere as beautiful as this, so I think it's important that a basic thing everyone should have and it's a solvable problem," Fountain said.

The group’s ride is set to kick off on June 15. They hope to raise more than $150,000.