CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Former President Bill Clinton is in Charlottesville, capping off the three-day Presidential Ideas Festival. The festival, known as PrezFest, drew in a lot of politicians and journalists to the city, but Clinton’s keynote speech was the main event.

The main focus of Clinton’s speech was inclusion. Clinton stated that the job of the president is to make the union more perfect.

Clinton began his speech commemorating former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s words and actions right after August 12, echoing that racism and anti-Semitism have no place in Virginia and our country.

Clinton continued to ask who are ‘the people’ referenced in ‘We The People’, referencing the Bill of Rights and explained how president-by-president the answer to that question had changed rapidly. He stated that American’s need to question if everyone is being spoken for.

“This is a war in America between inclusive tribalism and divisive tribalism. You all clapped when I said the words ‘Great UVA won NCAA' but you didn’t want to go abduct the teams that it had to beat to get to the championship.”

Clinton added that the United States needs more bipartisan collaboration on things like infrastructure and immigration reform. He finished his speech by reiterating what he said about McAuliffe, Charlottesville and inclusion.