CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville-area preschoolers are capping off the school year with a day of fun outdoor activities.

ReadyKids and Play Partners hosted a picnic at the Sprint Pavilion to celebrate the end of the academic year on Thursday, May 23.

More than 100 preschoolers between the ages of two and five attended the picnic.

The goal of ReadyKids and Play Partners is to engage children with literacy skills and prepare them for the classroom.

“ReadyKids does what it says, it makes kids ready to go into Kindergarten and to go out into the world,” Jenny Greyson, who volunteers with the organization, said.

After a long school year of learning, children unleashed all their built-up energy on Thursday.

“They're hopping around and jumping around and playing bubbles and making necklaces,” Jacki Bryant, the executive director, said.

Each week, volunteers with Play Partners spend an hour in childcare settings.

“We do activities that help to link the concepts in the book to the children and the experience that they have,” Bryant said. "We go into the centers where they're getting their care and we bring literacy activities, books, and fun activities to them to really engage them in learning and engage them in reading.”

Greyson has been volunteering with the program for almost 20 years and says this is how she continues to teach even though she’s now retired from the classroom.

"Play Partners is particularly rewarding because I get to meet people from all over town and I get to build bridges in the community in areas all over," Greyson said.

The overall goal is to let kids know learning can be fun.

“We hope that they get out of it is the love of learning, readiness to go to school, and be like the best kid they can be in a school environment," Bryant said.

Volunteers help children read one book each month. After they finish, children get to keep the book to add to their at-home libraries.