05/23/2019 Press Release from Page Higginbotham for Commonwealth's Attorney:

Page Higginbotham III is announcing his campaign for Commonwealth’s Attorney of Orange County, Virginia. 

“I am excited for the opportunity to serve my community with honesty, integrity and professionalism,” Higginbotham said.

Higginbotham has tried hundreds of cases in Orange and the surrounding counties as a criminal defense attorney.  His priorities for the office are informed by his experiences as a trusted defense attorney and his family’s long legacy of legal work and public service.  

“I was born and raised here,” Higginbotham said.  “I am raising my family here.  My siblings are raising their families here.  Orange is an incredible place to live, and I want to keep our roads safe and protect our residents and their property.  I will work closely with local law enforcement to maintain a professional and efficient office and protect the rights and safety of our citizens.  I value our first responders and will partner with them to achieve our goals.”  

Higginbotham graduated summa cum laude from the University of Richmond and is a graduate of University of Richmond School of Law.  He is an attorney with Bowman and Harper, a distinguished local law firm founded by his grandfather.  Higginbotham’s grandfather, also Page Higginbotham, served as Orange County Commonwealth’s Attorney for 27 years, and his father, Samuel Higginbotham, II, practiced law for 42 years and also served as a substitute judge.  

"I learned from my father and grandfather that everyone deserves respect and a fair trial.  I also learned that you fight hard to get the right result.”  Higginbotham said.  “I will fight for the people of Orange."

Higginbotham said that he believes that all people are equal before the law, and he will strive to be fair, honest and respectful to all those that come in contact with his office.  

“Respect, dignity, professionalism and equality under the law are not just campaign promises from me, but reflect my personal and professional values and how I was raised,” Higginbotham said.  

Higginbotham graduated from Grymes Memorial School and Woodberry Forest School.  He grew up working on his family’s beef cattle farm and attending court with his father and grandfather.  Prior to entering the legal profession, Higginbotham worked in the wine industry and ran a successful grass-fed beef business and local retail store.   

“I think my experience not only as an attorney, but local farmer and entrepreneur make me uniquely invested in the everyday lives of the citizens of Orange,” he said.  

Higginbotham has served his community through local churches as a youth leader and Sunday school teacher.  For nearly 40 years he has faithfully served the local Fireman’s Fair, cooking his family’s famous “Sammy Dogs” to raise money for local firefighters.  He says his values are informed by his faith and his family’s commitment to serving the community.  

Higginbotham lives on his third-generation beef cattle farm, just outside the town of Orange, with his wife of fifteen years and their two sons.  For their conservation efforts, their farm was awarded the 2018 Clean Water Farm Award as well as the state-wide 2018 Virginia Grand Basin Clean Water Farm Award.