CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A crowd gathered at the Free Speech Wall on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall on Tuesday afternoon to take part in nationwide abortion rights demonstrations.

Charlottesville is one of hundreds of cities across the country taking part in "Stop the Ban" rallies amidst a growing number of abortion restrictions across the country.

The Blue Ridge Abortion Fund and Charlottesville chapter of the National Organizations for Women hosted the abortion rights rally. Few, if any, anti-abortion advocates came to counter-protest the demonstration.

Representatives from both organizations, Planned Parenthood, and religious leaders addressed dozens of abortion rights supporters. They spoke about the importance of voting in the upcoming election and discussed stereotypes surrounding abortion.

"We see what abortion restrictions have done to women in Virginia and things are getting worse in the other states and it's appalling," said Margaret Miller of the Blue Ridge Abortion Fund. "It's frightening to women. It's frightening to women's equality and to their freedom."

Supporters say this is a step in the right direction as some states continue to add restrictions.

"We finally after years and years came together to change these laws and now state-by-state they're getting rid of the laws," said Charlottesville resident Debra Ray. "What they just voted for in Georgia is insane."

Right now, a lawsuit filed in Richmond's Federal Court is seeking to overturn several state laws that put restrictions on abortions. Those with the Blue Ridge Abortion Fund say they have not seen any sign of Virginia's legislators looking to pass abortion restrictions in the state.