University of Virginia Media Release

CLEMSON, S.C. - No. 10 Virginia won four of five grand finals to secure its 10th consecutive ACC Rowing championship Saturday (May 18) on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C.


Virginia finished with 95 points followed by Duke (90), Syracuse (75), Notre Dame (58), Clemson (58), Louisville (41) North Carolina (30), Miami (30) and Boston College (18).


The Cavaliers have won 19 of the 20 ACC championship regattas and 77 of the 85 championship races. This morning’s finals were held on a sunny 85-degree day with a crosswind of 2.0 miles per hour.


“To win four of five (races) at this competition is really hard,” head coach Kevin Sauer said. “We were able to get those wins against some great competition and I’m really proud of the team.”


UVA’s Third Varsity Eight started the grand finals by defeating runner-up Duke by over five seconds, 6:48.332-6:53.512.


The UVA Second Varsity Four posted a winning time of 7:24.780 to defeat Duke (7:31.778) by almost seven seconds.


UVA’s Varsity Four (7:29.402) finished third behind Duke (7:22.300) and Syracuse (7:27.231).


The Cavaliers’ Second Varsity Eight scored a big win in its race. The Cavaliers topped runner-up Duke 6:39.527-6:44.177.


In the premier race of the championship, Virginia’s Varsity Eight secured the team title by defeating runner-up Duke 6:31.268-6:35.437 for its 10th straight win at the ACC championships.


UVA’s Varsity Eight was named ACC Crew of the Year. Heidi Long (Buckinghamshire, England), Anna Fairs (Thorpe Thewles), Sophie Pennoyer (Hartford, Conn.) and Izzi Weiss (Chicago, Ill.) were named to the All-ACC Rowing first team. Mackenzie King (Yardley, Pa.) was a second-team selection.


The Cavaliers return to action at the NCAA Rowing Championship on May 31-June 2 in Indianapolis, Ind. The NCAA DI Rowing Selection Show will air Tuesday, May 21 at 5 p.m. ET on


ACC Crew of the Year – Varsity Eight, Virginia

ACC Coach of the Year – Megan Cooke Carcagno, Duke

ACC Freshman of the Year – Amelia Shunk, Duke


All-ACC Rowing First Team

Izzi Weiss, Virginia (coxswain)

Heidi Long, Virginia

Anna Fairs, Virginia

Sophie Pennoyer, Virginia

Sophie Sinister, Duke

Isla McRae, Clemson

Isabel Ruby-Hill, Duke

Emily Stinebaugh, Notre Dame

Megan Varcoe, Syracuse


All-ACC Rowing Second Team

Tara Fagan, Duke (coxswain)

Kylie Kramer, Boston College

Aliute Udoka, Clemson

Violette Legrand, Louisville

Tessa White-Parsons, Miami

Maria Marroquin, Miami

Laura Migliore, Notre Dame

Sydney Michalak, Syracuse

Mackenzie King, Virginia


2019 ACC Rowing Championship Results

Sunny, 85 degrees with a crosswind of 2 miles per hour


Third Varsity Eight, Petite Final

  1. Boston College 7:17.075, 2. North Carolina 7:23.943, 3. Miami 7:31.245


Third Varsity Eight, Grand Final

  1. Virginia 6:48.332, 2. Duke 6:53.512, 3. Syracuse 6:55.289, 4. Notre Dame 6:57.749, 5. Louisville 7:04.014, 6. Clemson 7:12.070


Second Varsity Four, Petite Final

  1. Notre Dame 7:49.231, 2. Louisville 7:52.754, 3. North Carolina 7:53.693


Second Varsity Four, Grand Final

  1. Virginia 7:24.780, 2. Duke 7:31.778, 3. Miami 7:36.821, 4. Syracuse 7:38.730, 5. Clemson 7:46.183, 6. Boston College 7:54.013


Varsity Four, Petite Final

  1. North Carolina 7:43.189, 2. Boston College 7:49.219, 3. Louisville 7:52.554


Varsity Four, Grand Final

  1. Duke 7:22.300, 2. Syracuse 7:27.231, 3. Virginia 7:29.402, 4. Clemson 7:34.133, 5. Notre Dame 7:39.756, 6. Miami 7:48.162


Second Varsity Eight Petite Final

  1. North Carolina 6:58.995, 2. Miami 7:02.986, 3. Boston College 7:06.756


Second Varsity Eight Grand Final

  1. Virginia 6:39.527, 2. Duke 6:44.177, 3. Clemson 6:46.093, 4. Syracuse 6:50.592, 5. Notre Dame 6:51.250, 6. Louisville 6:57.262


Varsity Eight Petite Final

  1. North Carolina 6:48.140, 2. Miami 6:49.965, 3. Boston College 6:58.468


Varsity Eight Grand Final

  1. Virginia 6:31.268, 2. Duke 6:35.437, 3. Syracuse 6:38.177, 4. Notre Dame 6:41.019, 5. Louisville 6:44.204, 6. Clemson 6:45.350


Virginia Lineups

Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Izzi Weiss, Stroke: Reilly White, 7: Heidi Long, 6: Anna Fairs, 5: Emily Ashton, 4: Jamey Bulloch, 3: Sophia Kershner, 2: Lizzie Trull, Bow: Carrie Warner

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Colette Glass, Stroke: Isabella Strickler 7: Star Davidson, 6: Alex Slabbert, 5: Ally Terblanche, 4: Georgia Gray, 3: Sophie Pennoyer, 2: Mackenzie King, Bow: Tessa Otting


Third Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Serena Chmelar, Stroke: Isabel Rundle, 7: Mary Wright, 6: Katrina Strash, 5: Emiliana Geronimo, 4: Casey Martin, 3: Brooke Rickert, 2: Rose Kelly, Bow: Sara Cliborne


Varsity Four: Coxswain: Gabby Grob, Stroke: Carrie Wentzel, 3: Lauren Poland, 2: Nicola Lawless, Bow: Shiann Gardner

Second Varsity Four: Coxswain: Eva Gobourne, Stroke: Abbie Bird, 3: To Wiersma, 2: Hannah Watson, Bow: Grace Comerford