CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - College graduates from the University of Virginia received money, presents, and even balloons to celebrate their hard work. Some of those balloons are being used again to bring smiles to the UVA Children's Hospital.

During a meeting about how to handle the number of helium-filled balloons, Matt Weber, special assistant to UVA president Jim Ryan, suggested the donation.

“Everyone loves balloons, kids love balloons and it just seemed to me like a natural fit that hey if you could release the balloons into the air you can destroy them or you can find a better use for them with the children’s hospital so close to final exercises and to UVA it just seems like a natural fit,” said Weber.

Weber estimates more than 1,000 balloons were donated on Saturday and expects more to be donated after Finals Weekend comes to an end on Sunday. He said he hopes to continue the balloon donation in the future.