CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville landlords will soon have some questions to answer. The city's Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) is preparing a survey that's centered on a lack of affordable housing.

HAC Chair Phil D'Oronzio says Charlottesville needs to be informed of naturally-occurring affordable housing (NOAH) to find a big picture strategy for housing in the city.

NOAH units are places to live that are, "somewhat affordable, or that meet some definition of affordability", according to D'Oronzio.

Once landlords take the survey, the committee will have information about where those units are, what is included in the price of rent, and who owns those units. The chairman says that information could prevent another incident like tenants being forced out of Belmont neighborhood apartments.

“The Belmont Apartments on Monticello Road, they had a change in ownership and a loss of those affordable units. If that is something that is data of which we are aware we can have the city move more quickly,” D'Oronzio said.

He goes on to say creating and distributing the survey will take a lot of effort and coordination between committee and other community groups.

The survey is now being developed in the policy subcommittee.

D'Oronzio says he hopes to have a draft of that survey, as well as information about who to contact and how to contact them, within the next 30 days.