CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Amid speculation about Target coming to Charlottesville, the city planning commission has green-lit plans for a vaguely referenced red-colored retail store.

That store is set to take the place of what used to be Kmart along Route 29 and Hydraulic Road.

On Tuesday, May 14, the planning commission’s entrance corridor review board debated how much red should be allowed on the exterior of that retail store.

Ultimately, the board approved a certificate of appropriateness as long as the color scheme gets scaled back.

Riverbend Development is working to bring a nine-acre shopping center to Charlottesville, complete with restaurants, retail space, and even speculation of a Target.

“I think enough people kind of have a sense of what might be coming here, and there’s a general buzz about it,” Jeff Werner, of Charlottesville's Neighborhood Development Services, said.

Tuesday night, the Charlottesville Planning Commission danced around the brand name of this planned store, while debating how much red on the exterior of the building is too much for the city's entrance corridor along Route 29 and Hydraulic Road.

“Say, for instance, in north Albemarle if there was some kind of store that had a red logo and it was required to be inverted there, say with a tan background with red letters, is this going to be a deal-breaker?” Lisa Green, the planning commission chair, said.

So far, Riverbend Development has not confirmed that Target will be replacing what used to be a Kmart. However, Ashley Davies, the company’s vice president, says a confirmation will hopefully come soon.

But the planning commission has granted a certificate of appropriateness for the new red retail space, as long as the developer scales back the amount of red on the exterior by 50%.

“We’re just trying not to make this building jump out at us,” Werner said.

Target has not confirmed if it plans to move into this space, but has said, “Target is continuously evaluating potential sites for new stores, and we see an opportunity to serve more guests in the Charlottesville area."