MADISON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A $12 million makeover is getting closer to becoming a reality for a Madison County school.

It would include some much-needed upgrades, and give both students and teachers a helping hand.

Madison County Primary School hasn't had a major renovation since it was built in 1973.

But with the help of the county's board of supervisors, that may soon change.

The board has approved a $200,000 design development phase. With these plans, the school would get necessary infrastructure improvements to its plumbing and HVAC system.

The renovation would also focus on creating new and more efficient classrooms and teacher planning spaces.

“I think students certainly understand when they look at a school building that's in need of repair I believe it makes them feel as though maybe they're not as important as they feel like they should be, so it does send a strong message to our students that we do care about the environment that you're in,” Mike Coiner, the principal of the school, said.

If all goes as planned, staff members are hoping the design phase wraps up this summer to move forward with a construction date at the end of next school year.

School administrators say Madison County Primary School would remain open during several phases of the renovation.