CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Day one has been filled with city manager, Tarron Richardson, moving into his office and getting acquainted around City Hall. The city said Richardson had in-depth talks about how Charlottesville government works planned over the following few months.

On Monday morning, Charlottesville City Council candidate Lloyd Snook sent a letter to the City Council. It outlined several efficiency studies conducted within previous years and the findings by outside consultants as to where the city needs improvement.

Snook urged councilors to share those results with Richardson. Snook wants Richardson to see if those areas, including the Neighborhood Development Services Department and the city's zoning ordinances, needed improvement and if he had any suggestions on how to fix those issues.

“We paid people a lot of money to come up with this list of things and for the most part, most of them are still problems, I hope Dr. Richardson will have his own view of these problems after he’s been here a few months and can report to council and say ‘yes, we’ve got these under control’ or ‘no, these need to be fixed’,” said Snook.

Snook also challenged Richardson to do his own internal review and diagnose any areas for improvement. He suggested that Richardson report back to Charlottesville’s City Council within six months with all of his findings and suggestions.

In his letter, Snook expressed his excitement for Richardson to take office, and he wrapped up his message by saying he hopes Richardson will bring stability to the city government.