ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Five students from Orange County Public Schools are in need of the community's help.

The Destination Imagination team is eligible to compete in a global competition, but the group needs money to make the trip.

Destination Imagination is a program dedicated to teaching students STEM, fine arts, and entrepreneurship skills.

This is a school-sponsored program, but the travel costs are not in the school's budget.

“We had a team of three last year that went,” Alisha Vines, the team manager, said. “But since they moved it from Nashville to Kansas City, they've changed the registration process."

The team, which is made up of students from Orange County High School and Prospect Heights Middle School, has been working hard to advance to the next level.

“This year's a medical mystery where we have to kind of solve a mystery about someone who is injured or sick,” Hailey Jenkins, who’s in eighth grade, said.

But advancing to the next level is going to cost them.

“Last year, we paid about $4,200 just for registration for our students and our families to go, this year it's $5,500," Vines said.

Along with the registration fee, there are also many other expenses to cover.

“Then we have to pay for lodging and food and everything on top of that, and the lodging for our families this year is about $3,900," Vines said.

Vines says the team estimates the total cost of the trip will be about $13,000.

To help raise the money, the team has hosted a family bingo night and a car wash.

“It's kind of, like, difficult because you don't really know how much you're going to bring in and so it's always sitting in the back of your head like, well, we kind of have to get it going," Kayla Crawford, who’s in ninth grade, said.

The four-day competition runs from May 21 through May 26.

On Wednesday, May 15, the team is hosting a barbecue dinner at Prospects Heights Middle School.

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