CROZET, Va. (WVIR) - It was a washout weekend for the annual Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival but that didn't stop thousands of people from checking out what this year's artists had to offer.

“I'm an old timer here and it's a wonderful show,” said Mary Ann Vessey, an artist at the festival. “I've been painting about 35 years. I'm self-taught.”

At the Crozet Arts Festival, Vessey's booth stood out with its brightly colored paintings. She was one of dozens of artists at the festival showing off their craft.

“It's one of my favorite shows to do because of the level of the things that here for people to see,” stated Vessey.

Vessey lives in Staunton and the Shenandoah Valley had become her muse.

“I just painted what was right out the window,” said Vessey. “A lot of the Staunton area, some of the Waynesboro area and some of the Charlottesville area are my favorite subjects.”

Many people at the festival said they were drawn to her art for its appearance, as well as the story behind her work.

“It's very colorful and it's quite detailed,” stated art buyer, Frank Ward.

“I think the story of how it was created means as much to me as the art,” said Paul Dowell, art buyer.

Dowell, who attended the Crozet Spring Arts and Crafts Festival, bought one of Vessey's paintings for his wife.

“We've been married a long time and I needed some special, this is going to work out perfectly for her,” said Dowell. “I like the idea of buying from someone who’s local and someone who has obviously has real talent.”

Vessey spends months on paintings, making sure every detail is just right. She stated that at the end of the day it's not about the colors or details, it's about the story they tell.

“They're so labor intensive, there's so much stuff in them and I'm not satisfied with a painting until I've said it all,” noted Vessey. “I lose myself in them and that's when I know what the title is because it becomes a story and then I can tell people about the story and how it got to be there.”

Proceeds from the event's admission will go toward making improvements at the Claudius Crozet Park where the event is held each year.