CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Not all mothers are fortunate enough to spend time with their newborn babies at home on Mother's Day. Instead, they are spending it in the NICU and PICU at the hospital, but one group is making the day a little easier by letting them know they are not forgotten.

The founders of Christian's Purpose spent the day handing out goody bags and treats to mothers at the University of Virginia Children's Hospital. The event was a way to show new mothers the day can still be special no matter where they are.

"It's definitely hard to be in the hospital on a special day,” said April Holt, NICU mother.

Holt has been in the NICU with her son for almost two weeks. Although Holt is stuck in the hospital, things haven't been so bad because others helping her through this time. 

“His esophagus wasn't attached to his stomach, so he got transferred here pretty much 4 hours after birth,” said Holt. "I never thought I’d be here in this situation and have to be in the hospital with my baby, but I felt very loved by everyone that's helped out." 

Chelsea Cobb and her husband started Christian's Purpose to help offset funeral costs and financial burdens for families who've suffered an unthinkable loss, after they lost their baby, Christian.

“We had a son that was diagnosed with an omphalocele at 22 weeks in the ultrasound and he ended up passing away in October 2017,” said Cobb.

The Cobb’s are giving back by helping mothers going through similar struggles with gift bags and snacks. 

"We just wanted mothers to know that they matter and we care about them so we've got gift bags with sugar scrub, coffee mugs and just a little card that they can put their babies hands and footprints in,” said Cobb. "For me, this is how my son lives on. Christian was born for a reason. Christian had a purpose to be here and this is how he continues to live on."

Christian's Purpose also does events for other holidays such as Father's Day and Christmas. They are also expanding to be able to provide baby needs such as cribs and bassinets.