ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - It may be easy for adults, but reading out loud can be stressful for some children. A program at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is taking some of that pressure off, and helping animals socialize more.

Daisy Scouts from Girl Scout Troop 3029 brought out some of their favorite books to share with some shy dogs and cats on Saturday.

“Phillip is really nice and he likes belly rubs,” said Charlotte Peregoy, Daisy Scout.

“The primary goal of Girl Scouts is that its girl led so we make them make as many decisions as we can. They voted at the beginning of the year that they wanted to do a badge called ‘Three Cheers for Animals’,” said Kelly Rousseau, leader of Troop 3029.

In addition to donating food and supplies to the CASPCA, those girls read to cats and dogs. One worker there said the activity can help animals socialize.

“A lot of times they don't get to interact with people on a daily basis aside from their caretakers, so it’s really good to expose them to different ages of people as well as just different people in general,” said Kathleen Roche, CASPCA.

That volunteerism also helps the girls read out loud, to a non-judgmental audience.

“It allows them to build their confidence without worrying about what anybody else is thinking about or and so they don't have to be in their heads quite as much, they can just do it and enjoy it and it really fosters their love for learning and their compassion for the animals,” said Rousseau.

“Reading to animals is a great way to help the animals get some social interaction with younger kids which is definitely something that animals need as well as helping kids mutually benefit from reading aloud to animals,” said Roche.

The CASPCA plans to hold a similar event for kids at least once a month. You can schedule your own tales for tails as well by contacting them.