ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers spent Saturday putting their skills learned in training to the test. On Saturday, May 11 the team covering Charlottesville and Albemarle County held a functional exercise to have hands-on practice.

CERT educates people about disaster preparedness going on in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. They learn skills such as fire safety, team organization and medical operations. An emergency can happen at any time.     

"You never know what's going to happen,” said Scott Turbiner.

That's why the Community Emergency Response Team made sure people are ready when that time comes.

"We really focused on three things capabilities that were triage, treatment, and documentation,” said Allison Farole, emergency management coordinator.

Triage helps evaluate what level of attention a person needs.

"Green equals minor, there's yellow that means delayed, red means immediate and black obviously means dead,” said Farole.

Brad Slocum has been volunteering for more than a year. He said more people need to get onboard

"Our community and communities around the country could use more programs like this,” said Slocum. "It covers the basics of what to do you know anything from the power going out to a tornado in your neighborhood."

Other volunteers had already been in a disaster situation, helping pick up the pieces after a hurricane.

"I spent five days in the field doing cleanup, normally recovery in regards to the house, no victims,” said Turbiner.

Overall, the main goal was for volunteers to leave the exercise knowing more than when they came.

"This is really a great opportunity for them to come and test those skills, also figure out what they are strong in, what they're aren't strong in and also for us to see where we can develop some better training for them to become stronger volunteers,” said Farole.

This training happens once every year in the spring. Anyone can become a CERT volunteer and get training if you sign up for the course.