CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Virginia Senator Mark Warner is in Charlottesville on Friday night to update people on some of his work in Washington.

Warner is meeting with mobile app executives from WillowTree in downtown Charlottesville on Friday, May 10.

Senator Warner has introduced bipartisan legislation to prevent social media platforms from taking advantage of users.

In Charlottesville on Friday, he met with WillowTree executives to get advice on his new bill and discuss how these manipulative designs, also known as "dark patterns," impact companies like WillowTree.

Warner says users should and need to be more aware of tactics used by social media companies to get their personal information and using that information to take advantage of the user.

“It frightens me sometimes that a lot of my colleagues don't understand social media, don't understand how the digital revolution is changing all aspects of business and commerce, so I hope I can learn from them in terms of where my legislation may have gotten it right and frankly where it may have gotten it wrong,” Warner said.

Executives with WillowTree say this has been an important issue to them and their company.

They add that they look forward to working with Senator Warner and other lawmakers on more cybersecurity legislation in the future.