Virginia Department of Education Press Release:

RICHMOND, Va. — The College Board is awarding 22 Virginia Advanced Placement teachers a total of $22,400 in scholarships to attend 2019 AP Summer Institutes. The weeklong institutes provide professional development for teachers in schools and divisions seeking to strengthen their AP programs. The scholarships cover the cost of tuition and in some cases expenses for qualifying recipients.

The scholarships awarded to Virginia teachers are in the following categories:

  • AP Capstone — For teachers who are planning to attend an AP Capstone summer professional development event and who plan to teach AP Seminar or AP Research in 2019-2020; full tuition ($1,100)
  • AP Fellows — For teachers at schools with 50 percent or more underrepresented minority students or 50 percent or more low-income students or both; $1,000 toward tuition and expenses
  • AP New Resources — For teachers planning to teach one of the AP subjects with new resources available in 2019 at schools serving low-income students; $1,000 toward tuition and expenses

“I congratulate these teachers — and their schools and divisions — for their commitment to expanding access to Advanced Placement courses and examinations to students in historically underrepresented groups,” Superintendent of Public Instruction James Lane said. “The AP program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit during high school, and all students — regardless of the schools they attend — should have access to rigorous programs geared to college and career readiness.”

The following teachers, by division, with courses taught in parentheses, were awarded AP Capstone scholarships:

  • Bedford County — Crystal DeLong, Liberty High (AP Research)
  • Fluvanna County — Christopher Zema, Fluvanna County High (AP Seminar) and Victoria Zavadsky, Fluvanna County High (AP Seminar)
  • Richmond — Gwendolyn Nixon, Huguenot High (AP Seminar)

The following teachers were awarded AP Fellows scholarships:

  • Henrico County — Jeannine Chewning, Hermitage High (AP United States Government and Politics)
  • Hopewell — Karen Sheppard, Hopewell High (AP English Literature and Composition)
  • Norfolk — Karen Babb, Norview High (AP Environmental Science) and Andrew Whitfield, Maury High (AP Human Geography)   
  • Prince William County — Nicole Greenway, Freedom High (AP Biology)
  • Richmond — Kaylin Bryce, Huguenot High (AP English Literature and Composition); Nicole Davidson, Huguenot High (AP Biology); and John Dowling, Open High (AP Statistics)

The following teachers were awarded AP New Resources scholarships:

  • Pittsylvania County — Melanie Wade, Chatham High (AP Biology)
  • Chesterfield County — Ryan Goulet, L.C. Bird High, (AP Computer Science A)
  • Harrisonburg — Melody Wilson, Harrisonburg High, (AP English Literature and Composition)
  • Hopewell — Qiana Turner, Hopewell High (AP United States Government and Politics)
  • Norfolk — Deborah Allen, Maury High (AP Biology); Thomas Fulcher, Lake Taylor High (AP Psychology); Helen Martin, Maury High (AP United States Government and Politics); Kari Miller, Lake Taylor High (AP Human Geography); and Luisa Restrepo, Maury High (AP Spanish Language and Culture)
  • Prince William County — Tiffany Newell, Freedom High (AP United States Government and Politics)

AP Summer attendees engage in 30 or more hours of professional development designed to strengthen how they teach their AP courses. The Virginia scholarship recipients are among 2,313 teachers nationwide selected to participate in the institutes, which will be conducted in more than 150 locations nationwide in June and July.