ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Albemarle County Public Schools is hoping to implement new practices to help combat student stress.

Division leaders say these proposed changes would help students better manage their time and increase productivity across the county.

On Thursday, May 9, the school board got a look at four potential changes to county high schools that aim to reduce student stress in the classroom.

County staff spent the last two years studying the proposed changes, which include eliminating weighted grade-point averages and stricter enforcement of the county's homework policy.

Another proposed change includes putting a cap on the number of Advanced Placement classes students can take to six classes over the course of all four years of high school.

County staff members say students have been advocating for these changes in the classroom.

“Kids came to us and said, ‘we've got some issues with some practices that take place in high school that are really having an impact on us, and we want you to think about how we can make those better,’ so this is really a great example of student-driven change in the division," Patrick McLaughlin, the county schools’ chief of strategic planning, said.

Another one of the proposed changes would add an extra free period during the day for student enrichment.

The school board will provide county staff with feedback on these potential changes sometime in June.

If implemented, some of these changes could be in place as early as the 2020 school year.