STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - A proposal to put a Dollar General off Staunton's bypass is being met with mixed reviews.

JMB Investments needs a special-use permit to build a Dollar General on Spring Hill Road, right off the Route 262 bypass.

The planning commission recommends rejecting the proposal of putting the store in that location.

On Thursday, May 9, Staunton City Council opened a public hearing on the issue.

Many people in attendance said that the proposed location is not a good spot for that kind of business. Community members cited concerns about increased traffic at a dangerous intersection, light pollution, and saying it's inappropriate for a pastoral area.

“It should just be turned down right now and end the nonsense of trying to put this at that location,” Fred Andes, a community member who opposes the proposal, said. “There are much, much better places to put it."

Others, however, voiced approval.

"I think it should go up,” Baldwin Jennings, a community member who supports the proposal, said. “That's the ideal place to put it, which will help develop that end of town. This city needs development."

JMB Investments shared new information regarding the project in the last couple of days, so City Council decided to keep the hearing open till the next meeting on May 23.

Learn more about the project here.