AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - People who live in Mount Sidney say a new business coming to the area is bad for their community.

Supporters of Seawright Springs oppose a water bottling operation called Flow Beverages that they say will draw nearly 100,000 gallons of water daily from Seawright Springs, which is near their homes and farms.

On Wednesday, May 8, community members once again shared their concerns with county leaders.

Those concerns include a fear of impacting the water supply, truck traffic on narrow roads that students travel, and government transparency.

Shawn Mooney, who lives in Mount Sidney, says the county, the company, and the state have not been forthright with the community.

“They offer no real redress for our concerns,” Mooney said. “The reality is that the county traded 51 jobs for the quality of life and the safety of the community in Augusta County. That's the trade they made.”

"If there are concerns that require changes, the board of supervisors doesn't deal with those changes,” Gerald Garber, an Augusta County supervisor, said. “We deal with the laws that are in place. But if somebody needs a special-use permit, doesn't come to us."

The county's administrator says nothing in this project required a special-use permit and that confidentiality in economic development is a standard practice in the state.