AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Female athletes in Augusta County are asking for lights on their fields - just like the ones the boys have.

A group of female athletes from across the county and their supporters stood in solidarity before the Augusta County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, May 8.

They're asking for lights at all five of Augusta County's high school softball fields, along with lights for the Riverheads boys' baseball field.

One parent says the girls' games are repeatedly cut short.

“It's supposed to be a seven-inning game,” Marc Cyr, a concerned parent, said. “Many of the games don't get beyond five innings, especially early in the season. Then when their game is cut short due to darkness, they're asked to walk over to the boys’ field and watch the boys play under the lights."

"Please work with our school board and provide the funding for the installation of lights on all of the high school fields,” Courtney Begoon, a freshman at Fort Defiance, said. “We know that this is a very expensive request, but we are here to let you know that we as female athletes are worth the investment."

One parent says it would cost roughly $150,000 to light each field.

The players and their supporters plan to speak before the Augusta County School Board on Thursday night during its regularly scheduled meeting.