CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Many are celebrating the life-saving work of an international midwife training organization in Charlottesville.

This marks the 10th year of Prosami - an all-volunteer organization that helps to save the lives of mothers and infants in the Congo. Prosami works with University of Virginia's Telemedicine Unit to train advanced nurse midwives and it's already making a big impact in the country.

"We started a daunting journey, very daring, but we made it," said Prosami founder Agnes Kanyanya. "Today, we can stand and say we are saving lives. Mothers are giving birth to live babies and they are taking their babies home. Happy families, happy community, happy country, happy everyone."

Prosami has already certified more than 20 nurses and opened a clinic to help women and children living in the Congo.